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“Now it’s official! To be a race commissar [sic] you don’t need brains but only know the rules! Their motto: ‘c’est le reglement!’" - Johan Bruyneel  CyclingNews

"Everything about him: his personality, work ethic, the way he does things and the knowledge that he is 100 percent pure. In the future, he will dictate how the sport is seen. Edvald [Boasson Hagen] personifies everything about a true athlete, and he's going to be a legend in the sport.” - Bradley Wiggins CyclingNews

“The UCI can now only sincerely regret this conduct from the leaders of Pegasus Sports and express its sympathy to all the riders and others involved with the Australian team who unfortunately bear the consequences.” - UCI

"Contador. He's completely calculated, a perfect race car built in the laboratory for one race, the Tour. It does not matter whether or not he has character. He and Schleck are the same. You know how they race; you know where you need to wait for them. They have no imagination, no risk." - Moreno Argentin CyclingWeekly

“I'd have to conclude that Pippo's tactic of going without sex during the competitive part of last season is great if you want to finish just outside of the medals at the Worlds.” - Joe Papp EuroSport

“Foreign competition is stronger than before. I think French riders are a little soft. Bernard Hinault  is severe with them; well, I agree with him. I also think that the French teams are too conservative; how do you run at the highest level internationally with a national vision.” - Pat McQuaid  VeloNation

“I read an interview with Umberto Veronesi, a scientist, a reputed oncologist and Minister for Health. In five hundred years or more, human beings might have both sets of genitalia, male and female. I don’t want this evolution to have started already in cycling…”  - Mario Cipollini  CyclingNews

"I don’t know if the substance came from meat or not. I just hope that it turns out well for him [Contador]. He made a lot of sacrifices to win the Tour de France, and it’s best for everyone if he’s found innocent – for fans, for the Tour, for ASO and for Astana.” - Alexandre Vinokourov CyclingNews

"I could say I don't care, because I'm no longer a cyclist and it doesn't bother me if they don't let me race, but it annoys me that they don't stop because it's unjust. They controlled me a thousand time, any hour, any place, and I was never positive," - Igor Astarloa  CyclingNews

"It is known in the peloton that Pat McQuaid, Hein Verbruggen or others responsible at the UCI over the last 20 years have protected some people and not others. That is the way they manipulate results and create stars." - Floyd Landis CyclingNews

"'I think if anyone is investigated and then cleared, well, then they're more innocent than anyone who's not investigated, aren't they? But also, unfortunately, people, and sometimes rightly so, attach investigation and accusation with guilt, which isn't always the case. I think for innocent people to be associated with guilt is really unfortunate." - Cadel Evans CyclingNews

"Whatever women do they must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good. Luckily this is not difficult." - Charlotte Whitton QuotationsPage

"With regard to ethics and image, the UCI has nothing to say on the matter. The problems lie with Bjarne Riis and Team Saxo Bank-SunGard. It is up to them to determine whether it is a good thing for them to take Contador to a training camp or not." - Enrico Carpani CyclingNews

"...while the Fields Medal is typically reserved for mathematicians under the age of 40, our award committee has calculated that the 110-year-old UCI actually has an emotional age of roughly 14, making it our youngest winner in the medal’s history." - Joe Lindsey Bicycling

"If Pac-Man had affected us as kids, we'd all be running around in dark rooms, munching pills and listening to repetitive electronic music." - Marcus Bridgstocke QuotationsPage

"Contador has suffered irreparable damage already no matter what. It will punish you. He [Contador] is optimistic but the presence of clenbuterol is 'punishable'." -  Pedro Delgado CyclingNews

Race coaching is everything to do with the athletes' lives. It involves so much; planning, supporting the riders whenever they need it - whether it's time trialing, positional or tactical work - basically whatever is needed to help them in every area. It could even be getting them back on track after an illness." -  Rod Ellingworth VeloNation

“Getting caught is the mother of invention.." - Robert Byrne QuotationsPage

“It is disappointing. I can't do anything about them [Andy and Fränk Schleck] talking to others, they are allowed to do that. I have confirmed that they lied to me. I think that is unfortunate.” - Bjarne Riis CyclingNews

“It’s fun to be around the young guys – they have dreams and goals and get up in the morning all excited to race …it’s good for me. I remember feeling that way – not that it’s different now because I enjoy racing my bike but it is harder to get motivated at times.” - Floyd Landis CyclingNews

"A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul." - George Bernard Shaw (1856 - 1950), Irish Playwright

“As long as there is not a guaranteed window of time that you cannot be tested, then the drug can be detected. That could be useful.” -  Jonathan Vaughters VeloNation

"The problem is that people are not treated equally when it comes to doping." - Eddy Merckx CyclingNews

"There is a campaign to defame Alberto by the French - maybe the same as against Lance (Armstrong.," - Gregorio Ballesteros SMH

“In fairness to everybody, in fairness to Contador, to the sport and to the Tour de France, we need to go into the detail to make sure the decisions, whatever they might be, are the correct decisions.” -Pat McQuaid  VeloNewse

“Pay no attention to what the critics say... Remember, a statue has never been set up in honor of a critic!" - Jean Sibelius QuotationsPage

“It would be very serious for cycling if Contador did not show himself worthy of this faith.” -- Eddy Merckx CyclingNews

"I am so disillusioned that I am thinking about giving up cycling, irrespective of what the UCI decides." -- Alberto Contador VeloNation

"I'm committed to a contract I signed a few years ago. There's been no good will, no bonuses, nothing. I feel kind of abused for what I've achieved. I'm contracted to do it and I've been told I'm contracted to do it, so I have to do it." -- Mark Cavendish  EuroSport

“I can say 99 percent, it’s impossible [if meat could be the source of Clenbuterol contamination.]" -- Frenando Ramos   VeloNation

“If this is not resolved favorably and in a just fashion, then I would have to reconsider or not I would ever come back to the bike.”  -- Alberto Contador   VeloNews

“It’s a story that we’ve been expecting [about Contador]. We’re not unduly surprised. A little [surprised] about the Clenbuterol because we’d really have expected something else. It’s like the tree that hides the forest. Right now, amongst the riders, I can tell you that we’re not that shocked.”  -- Yoann Offredo CyclingNews

“Clenbuterol is a non-steroidal adrenergic agonist with some structural and pharmacological similarities to epinephrine and salbutamol, but its effects are more potent and longer-lasting as a stimulant and thermogenic drug. It causes an increase in aerobic capacity, central nervous system stimulation, and an increase in blood pressure and oxygen transportation. It increases the rate at which fats are metabolized, simultaneously increasing the body's BMR. It is commonly used for smooth muscle relaxant properties. This means that it is a bronchodilator and tocolytic. It is usually used in dosages anywhere from 20-60 micrograms a day when prescribed. A dose of about 120 μg should never be exceeded in a day. It is also prescribed for treatment of horses; however, equestrian usage is usually the liquid form of clenbuterol. Clenbuterol is also a sympathomimetic in the peripheral nervous system.” -- Chance Whitaker Swamis

“There are good people in cycling who also made the same decisions I made.” -- Floyd Landis VeloNation

"I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time. Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult." -- E. B. White QuotationsPage

“There's no indication that his [Lance Armstrong's] negative recognition has grown at an alarming rate. [That’s] unlike other athletes like Tiger Woods, where the negatives went through the roof. He's nowhere near that kind of disaster.” - Henry Schafter VeloNation

“I don’t know how this substance entered my body. I don’t know of this substance. This is the first time I have heard of it since I have been in cycling.” - Oscar Sevilla VeloNews

“For someone [Armstrong] to have that much influence on people is scary. Well, the whole thing of it is, Greg [LeMond], is there is so many people protecting him that it is just sickening, you know.” - Stephanie McIlvain NewYorkTimes

 If I were boss, I would keep a clean house, not so much with the riders, but the staff." - Bjorn Leukemans VeloNation

“No tyranny is so irksome as petty tyranny: the officious demands of policemen, government clerks, and electromechanical gadgets." - Edward Abbey QuotationsPage

“So a man walks into a bike shop and buys two innertubes and a loaf of bread.
It’s a bad joke, but with all the shoe ovens you’ll find in shops today, it might not be far off the truth.” - Joe Lindsey

“It doesn’t matter if it was one drink or 10, or if he was out until five in the morning and that’s between us anyway, rules are made to be kept. I’m not here to give any explanations or further details. What actually happened will stay between us.” - Bjarne Riis VeloNews

“What is a person supposed to do when they make a wrong decision? Are you committed to that path for good? Once you tell a lie, are you committed to tell that lie forever?" - Floyd Landis VeloNation 

“Lance pays his PR firm hundreds of thousands of dollars to promote himself and to smear those who speak the truth about him.” - Betsy Andreu Yahoo! 

“My win on Downers Grove, at the US Criterium Championships, was huge because I had a perfect lead out and it was team effort. The races that stand out in my head are the ones that I did not win on my own.” - Brooke Miller, PhD CyclingNews 

“I think it is great the Cervélo bike company gave us the sponsorship we need to be able to run a women’s team. It is something that we wanted to do for a while, but we never had the resources to do it.” - Jonathan Vaughters VeloNation 

“I'm several years removed from the "farewell" race, pondering what comes next and where can I go from here. Geopolitics interfered with my marriage, and doping interfered with my cycling and may yet interfere with my freedom.” - Joseph Papp Yahoo! 

“The woman said (as she rode by, unimpeded and without having to change her line in any way whatsoever), in a disgusted voice, “You’re supposed to stop and move over to the side to make room for people climbing.” - Elden Nelson FatCyclist 

“I’ll say one thing and I hope it doesn’t bother anyone, but Contador has learned the bad things from Armstrong as opposed to the good. Armstrong did some very good things, but Alberto has failed to grasp them and that’s not good for him or for cycling.” - Manolo Saiz CyclingNews

“The nasty truth is that this invisible affront to cycling etiquette is nearly universal—at least some of your riding gear has a stench that just doesn't go away, even after washing.” - Michael Frank Bicycling

“I love mountain biking, and I’m convinced that anyone who doesn’t has never ridden a really great mountain bike.” - Elden Nelson FatCyclist

“I'm on my own. Being that I'm alone, I'm realistic about the GC, I don't think it's possible to win but I'd like to win a stage. The courses [at the Tour of Utah] are tough, really tough, so I'm looking forward to it.” - Levi Leipheimer CyclingNews

“I didn’t see anything. If I was subpoenaed to go to court and put my hand on the Bible, I’d go.” - Patrick Jonker ATwistedSpoke

"I fear for the future of the sport." - Rahsaan Bahati LATimes

“ I was sliding around thinking oh no, I’ve just taken out Tyler Farrar so I didn’t pay too much attention to my own injuries. We spoke in the morning and it was cool. He’s one of the nice sprinters and isn’t always in your face. He was really encouraging.” - Taylor Phinney CyclingNews

“It was clear to me: Leipheimer had manipulated. I was caught between a moral obligation and a legal threat.” - Hans-Michael Holczer  CyclingNews

"Alberto will get a solid, strong and loyal team around him to support him in all terrains and I'm sure that this will be a fruitful alliance." - Bjarne Riis   RoadBikeAction

"I have no comment about anything to do with Ball on or off the record," - Rahsaan Bahati  NYDailyNews

“They treated us like criminals, like animals. They took Bart out of the shower, made us sign some papers and took us away.”  - Jeroen Blijlevens Kadisco

"It was about doing what was right. It was about doing what allowed me to live my life OK with me. So whatever the reaction is, I hope it's good. I hope people want to know the truth, but that wasn't really my main concern." - Floyd Landis ABCNews

"I don't have any personal ambitions, I just have ambitions for the team. I'm trying to benefit the team the best and what benefited the team most was the team classification so that was what I was going for." - Chris Horner CyclingNews

“The evidence [against Armstrong] will come from the investigation, and I believe it will be overwhelming.” - Greg LeMond Yahoo!

"My case has nothing to do, for example, with someone like Ivan Basso. Evidence was attributed to me that wasn't mine, so I struggle to prove my innocence. I have never doubted that." - Alejandro Valverde VeloNation

"Listen, Landis spoke out because Armstrong was going after him. He made threats against his (Landis's) friends." - Greg LeMond NBC

"We are overjoyed. I hope the truth will come out." - Kathy LeMond  NBC

"We’re obviously sad to see him go but at the end of the day, his health comes first.  Tyler won’t be able to heal until he goes home and rests and that’s what he’ll do from here. To make it all the way to Stage 12 with the injuries he’s had is something special." - Matt White  PodiumCafe

"He [Renshaw] shouldn't have done that. It's not appropriate. I went past Renshaw and then I felt him leaning on me and hitting me with his head. Then he carried on afterwards and came across on Tyler's line and stopped Tyler from possibly winning the stage. It's very inappropriate behaviour and very dangerous behaviour." - Julian Dean  CyclingNews

“The press is pushing an agenda here. Look at the SI (Sports Illustrated) article in the beginning (May). ‘Lance Armstrong owned 50 percent of the (USPS) team and he defrauded the U.S. government.’ That is so fundamentally untrue and false.” - Lance Armstrong  VeloNews

"If I'd attacked one more time I'd have dropped myself." - Andy Schleck  CyclingNews

“He [Armstrong] really had some bad luck. Yesterday, we lived through an experience that we will never see again. When I saw the repeat of the stage last night on television, I was thinking about all the victories that he has won. He obviously didn’t have his best day. All of the bad luck came together at once. I didn’t enjoy seeing this. I’ve always had a lot of admiration for him. If he finishes this Tour, I will have even more.” - Alberto Contador  BikeWorldNews

“He [Armstrong]crashed right in front of me. Something happened and he punctured his front tire and went down really hard.  He was pretty beaten up. I thought he would really be up there in the front today, just all this bad luck for him. I feel little bit sorry for him. I know he wanted to be good in his last Tour. I think his morale is really low. I think he will try to win a stage.” - Andy Schleck VeloNews

"They found more than 200 blood bags in Spain. Up until this point, only 5 riders have been suspended. So one has to wonder where the other names - including those from other sports - have gone." - Erik Zabel VeloNationn

“Will Contador ride for me again? That seems impossible to me.” - Johan Bruyneel  VeloNationn

"S#$%! Cavendish is slower than my mother! I wish I was in France. Why I am in Austria, not in France?" - André Greipel  Pappillon

“I think the ASO owes the entire Tour peloton a public apology. I lost one of the best friends I have in cycling, Fränk Schleck. And it was written all over the road before the stage even started. It was a stupid race, and a stupid mistake from the race organization. All I want is a public apology. They should say ‘Dear riders, it was a mistake, putting on a stage like that.’ It was stupid, it’s as simple as that.” - Jens Voigt BikeWorldNews

"I had a weird feeling this morning. I had a strange feeling when I woke up," he said. "Almost all day I wondered why I came off the beach. But I'll be back at it tomorrow." - Lance Armstrong  Yahoo!

“That was S-T-R-E-S-S-F-U-L!! Managed to make it to the finish in one piece. Amazing how much more intense the TdF is vs any other race.” - Lance Armstrong  Facebook

“I felt the punishment I received for what had happened was unfair, especially considering the magnitude of the problem and the people who were never punished.” - Floyd Landis VeloNews

"If everything seems under control, you're not going fast enough." - Mario Andretti QuotationsPage

"We're here to win the Tour with possibly the strongest team in the Tour ever." - Bjarne Riis Yahoo!

"The scientific theory I like best is that the rings of Saturn are composed entirely of lost airline luggage." - Mark Russell QuotationsPage

"I’m a big guy, and I’ll look for races that require a lot of power. I think Fabian and Tom both make races pretty exciting, and that’s going to be my job — to try to win and bring attention to the sport, and make it exciting. And to be the best Taylor Phinney I can be.” - Taylor Phinney VeloNews

"It's a time consuming process, atoning for participating in a systemic doping program."  - Joe Papp Pappillon

"I rode up at my own pace. I was one of the first to back off. But I'm happy considering I was almost dead less than a year ago."  - Jonny Bellis CyclingNews

" Just saw the cover of the new Outside mag w/ yours truly on it. Nice photoshop on a plain t-shirt guys. That's some lame bullshit"  - Lance Armstrong  Facebook

"There are 3 guys here in the race that I raced against their dads too...."  - Lance Armstrong  Facebook

"The Dauphine is a really hard race with a quality field but it's a month before the Tour de France. We shouldn't forget that the top riders come here and they are not in their very top shape, while I am close to my best.."  - Janez Brajkovic CyclingNews

"I find it [cannibalism-themed advertisements] too aggressive, way too overpowering. I was shocked when I saw the ad campaign. This is too provocative, but I no longer seem to get it. I've become too old."  - Eddy Merckx BSNYC

"There's something going on in the row between Greg LeMond and Lance Armstrong. It's being fueled by LeMond helping Landis and by information being fed to the media." - Pat McQuaid CyclingNews

"They are asking him [Floyd Landis] to cease and desist from making statements he's made about Mr. Verbruggen in the past few weeks because they are not true."  - Pat McQuaid CyclingNews

"I hear Steve Jobs reserved a Nissan Leaf today. You can have the second one boss, I got dibs on the first one." - Lance Armstrong Facebook

"Jan [the late Belgian sports journalist Jan Wauters] posed pertinent questions which were also in-depth. He was professional and not just out for sensation, as is currently often the case." - Eddy Merckx CyclingNews

"The article [USA Today] goes on to talk about Lemond’s recovery from lead poisoning after being accidentally shot by his brother-in-law in 1987. Do I need to add that one of the long term effects of lead poisoning is memory loss?" - Ron Callahan BikeWorldNews

" thing I'd really like to see changed is the level of antagonism among users of different transportation types. I'm often amazed at the level of anger flowing in all directions among drivers, pedestrians and cyclists." - Shane Farthing WashingtonPost

"I'm sick of following my dreams. I'm just going to ask them where they're going and hook up with them later." - Mitch Hedberg QuotationsPage

"If you cannot convince them, confuse them."  - Harry S Truman QuotationsPage

"What is next for him [Landis]and professional cycling is hard to determine right now."  -  Patriot-News PennLive

"What set off Landis to take a slash and burn approach to the sport? He claims that the UCI black-balled him from the sport and after his suspension he was unable to return to a ProTour level team."  - NeilBrowne Versus

"This [investigation] does not in any way imply that the UCI considers the allegations made by Mr Landis to have any basis."  - UCI CyclingNews

"Nothing inspires forgiveness quite like revenge."  - Scott Adams QuotationsPage

"Any clod can have the facts, but having opinions is an art."  - Charles McCabe QuotationsPage

"Never believe anything until it has been officially denied." - Claud Cockburn QuotationsPage

"It is a waste of energy to be angry with a man who behaves badly, just as it is to be angry with a car that won't go." - Bertrand Russell QuotationsPage

"A thing worth having is a thing worth cheating for."  - W. C. Fields QuotationsPage

“I was instructed to go to Lance’s place by Johan Bruyneel and get some EPO from him. The first EPO I ever used was then handed to me in the entry way to his building in full view of his then wife." - Floyd Landis  

“Winning is not the only motivation, there is also the process of improving and being on the road to the top. When you look back, those are the best moments; not necessarily crossing the line in first position or having a lot of people cheering for you, but making those steps." - Theo Bos  CyclingNews

“I believe in equality for everyone, except reporters and photographers." - Mahatma Gandhi  QuotationsPage

“We have a decision from the Court of Arbitration for Sport which has confirmed it is his [Valverde's] blood, that it contained EPO, and confirms that Valverde is a cheat. And, despite all this, he continues to compete."   - WADA attorney Olivier Niggli VeloNews

“If my son was a professional cyclist and had to ride a Grand Tour like the Giro d’Italia right now, I would accompany him on the trip and make sure that he sometimes got a little EPO.. Not to increase his chance of winning, but simply to maintain his health."   - Peter Janssen VeloNation

"The glory of great men should always be measured by the means they have used to acquire it."  - Francois de La Rochefoucauld QuotationsPage

"I love the Giro. The countryside is beautiful, the ambiance is great and the people in Italy are so passionate about the sport. The first time I did the Giro, the team won with Savoldelli, so that was special."  - Michael Barry VeloNews

"If Lance Armstrong can return, and maybe win the Tour de France this summer, then I see no reason why I should not hope to do so."  - Michael Rasmussen VeloNation

"Getting ?'s today about someone I'm following, a certain Cinco Armstrong. What to say? Yet another blessing in our lives. I cannot wait!." - Lance Armstrong  Facebook

"If I would have drank 1 liter of water after the injection [of EPO], I would now be preparing myself for the Giro." - Thomas Frei  VeloNation

"Cancellara has big shoulders and so as well as Andy and Frank there's a room for me too. He can take all three of us…" - Alberto Contador  CyclingNews

"Surely next year, if Cavendish does not leave for another team, I will." - Andre Greipel  VeloNation

"The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don't want, drink what you don't like, and do what you'd rather not.” - Mark Twain LizHatch

“She’s on the small side but she makes up for that in how cute she is. And of course she has two very proud parents in Frank and Martine. Additionally, little princess Leea was born on Frank’s 30th birthday." - Andy Schleck CyclingNews

“I don't think that bike races get any harder than Tour of the Basque Country with the exception of a Grand Tour." - Chris Horner CyclingNews

“Cancellara is much stronger than four years ago. He can also win the Amstel Gold next weekend. And then he will also ride Liège-Bastogne-Liège – we must make the most of his fantastic form.” - Bjarne Riis VeloNation

"With our team you have a hard life..." - Fabian Cancellara CyclingNews

"I was riding 55kph and I wasn’t getting any closer.” - Tom Boonen RKP

"There was a significant amount of CERA in the first test [Vania Rossi's urine sample], so much so that there we no doubts at all; in the second test, evidently because of the degrading of the urine over time, the amount (of CERA) wasn't within the limits established by WADA.,"  - Francesco Botrè CyclingNews

"Even when my friends and family know that I am not a cheat, it still hurts to write this and it really hurt to send that fax today [to accept his sanction]." - Tom Zirbel VeloNation

"Doping is so ingrained in certain managers, like GIanetti, that they can’t conceive of cycling any other way." - Stephane Heulot  BoulderReport

"It was a bit strange [racing with George today]. I gave him a gel with about 20 kilometres to go because he was hungry, but I think that's the only thing we talked about the whole day. We're still good friends, we'll probably be texting each other tonight. I have to also thank Frédéric Gudeson and Hincapie for showing me how to [win]."  - Bernhard Eisel  CyclingNews

“They’re accusing the Secretary of Transportation of being on drugs because he wants to waste money on bicycling,”  - Tim Blumenthal  BicycleRetailer

“I think this [letting the Giro know our plans in advance] showed respect to RCS and the Giro in that they could put in a team that had specific race objectives. But RCS did not like this news and instead decided that Team RadioShack would not be invited to Tirreno-Adriatico. Hopefully we will not be ‘punished’ for future RCS races." -  Johan Bruyneel   VeloNews

"It's the Start of Spring, Otherwise Known to Al Gore as Proof of Global Warming" - Bill Clinton   WeaselZippers

"An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered. An inconvenience is an adventure wrongly considered." - G. K. Chesterton   QuotationsPage

"They all wear … my God … with the little water bottle in the back and the stupid hats and their shiny shorts. They are the same disgusting poseurs that in the middle of a snowstorm come out with cross-country skiing on your block. Run 'em down.." - Tony Kornheiser  BikeRadar

"Feed a fever, starve a cold. Lightly sup with rickets." - Takayuki Ikkaku, Arisa Hosaka and Toshihiro Kawabata.  QuotationsPage

"Pippo knew the term 'metrosexual,' but for clarity: his sexual preference is only for women." - Andy Schleck  VeloNation

"I am passionate and competitive. I am not going to let Pat McQuaid of the UCI determine who I am as a person." - Michael Ball  VeloNation

"Worried would be too strong of a word. I'm aware of (my performance), but not too stressed." - Lance Armstrong  BikingBis

"Let me tell you something about Floyd [Landis]. I like the guy, but his idea of business dealings were not a lot to be desired. It didn't work out in the end because I couldn't take his word, so it ended. I'm fine with that. It didn't end in a bad way, but didn't end in a good way." - Michael Ball  VeloNation

"The new rules mean that there is no communication in category two races. I don’t mind. It just makes it more important to have a good strategy beforehand, a team that will work together and can talk together during the race." - Emma Johansson  PEZ

"I don't think there is any other sport that would have kept going, but we kept trucking along even though there were rubbish bins blowing in the bunch and trees knocked over. It was pretty mad." - Stuart O'Grady  CyclingWeekly

"In his [Ricco's] place I'd have kept quiet… instead he said some crazy things that made me really angry. Then he went to Sicily to train." - Vania Rossi  CyclingNews

“The day the A sample came back, the damage had been done – everything had changed.” - Tom Zirbel  VeloNews

"This is my home town race and I live a kilometre from the finish. It doesn't get much better, well, winning gets better, but to go well here is special for me." - Tyler Farrar CyclingNews

" 2008 when negotiations between the UCI, ASO and the teams virtually collapsed and the teams signed an agreement with the ASO that brought into question the team's continued participation in the biological passport, I thought that it might be the end." - Anne Gripper CyclingNews

“Afterwards we felt extremely let down. There were huge promises, but they were never fulfilled.” - Rudy Pevenage (DS, Rock Racing) CyclingNews

“Congrats to Contador. He showed that, as most people would agree, he is the best bike rider in the world right now. Hats off to him.” - Lance Armstrong  VeloNation

"Nothing. Nobody is talking. I called Michael Ball, the team owner, but doesn't answer his cell phone. In the end, it seems like it won't happen, but no one will confirm that news or tell us what is going to happen with the squad." - Oscar Sevilla   VeloNation

"It sounds almost as if I need to fight for victory every time I race, and I'm certainly not in a position to do that." - Michael Rasmussen  VeloNation

"Next year we will make a decision on which teams no longer belong in the ProTour. This is no idle threat." - Pat McQuaid VeloNation

"Vania's positive threw dirt in my face and left me back in a hole.  I understand that it is a crucial moment for her, but it's not right that I pay again." - Riccardo Riccò VeloNation

"I agree with Mark Cavendish [who said called Riccò a 'parasite'] and Marco Pinotti, it makes me want to vomit that he [Riccò] is coming back." - Matteo Algeri RoadBikeAction

"In Qatar anything can happen. It's still all open for sure. We're going to fight until the very last stage." - Heinrich Haussler CyclingNews

“It’s sad that my faith in him [Wiggins] during the first year didn’t mean enough to him for him to stick it out.” - Jonathan Vaughters VeloNation
"There was a lot of bullshit post announcement from their point of view." - Bradley Wiggins CyclingNews 

"I was very impressed by the vineyards in Santa Rosa area and the beautiful hills of Southern California. It’s quite different from Europe. Everything is so big and there are such wide open spaces." - Alessandro Ballan USCyclingReport

"Cycling isn’t for women, it hurts too much." - Riccardo Ricco PEZ

"It’s like someone just punching you in your legs until you have a Charlie horse for a couple of weeks or so. It’s happening right now. Right now it’s my quads." - Katie Compton VeloNews

"...when you're braking too much you're more dangerous than if you just let it fly." - Christian Vande Velde CyclingNews

"Ivan [Basso] might be a different personality. Maybe he doesn't have the same need to speak up about others. It's bullshit; just because you shout out about other people doesn't make you less wrong than another guy. It doesn't make sense." - Bjarne Riis CyclingNews

"All that drinking is starting to pay off. I beat the course record set by Zman [David Zabriskie] two years ago and I was on somebody else's road bike with clinchers and no aero clothes. Take that ^@*#&rs." - Floyd Landis BrowneEye

“Hulk Hogan on a bike.” - Michael Rogers [describing Andre Greipel] VeloNews

"I think Levi’s a real dark horse that no one really talks much about, and maybe he likes it that way – but I think he’s pretty incredible." - Jason McCartney VeloNews

"No one stands out too much. There are many rivals, though man-to-man the person who put me in the most difficulty in the mountains at the Tour was Andy Schleck." - Alberto Contador VeloNation

"I hope Lance can win, but it is not easy to win the Tour with so many other good riders around. - Eddy Merckx DNAIndia

"Yeah, it happened that quickly. I was like, 'oh, oh, I won again'." - Evelyn Stevens CyclingNews

"Lance has won seven Tours, I've only lost five." Cadel Evans TheAge

"Character is what you have left when you've lost everything you can lose." - Evan Esar QuotationsPage

“I will be at 100 percent, riding for Alberto at the Tour de France. As for me, I will do the best I can at the Giro de Italia.” -  Alexander Vinokourov VeloNews

"Believe it or not, I believe that most riders don't want to dope - I think that amnesty would work, where everyone admitted their indiscretions, but with no come backs." - Joe Papp PEZ

"It’s insulting to the passion that I have and the others have for cycling … and for someone else [Riccardo Ricco] to not give a shit about that, it’s incredibly demoralizing to have to compete against that.” Mark Cavendish VeloNews

"I gotta work out. I keep saying it all the time. I keep saying I gotta start working out. It's been about two months since I've worked out. And I just don't have the time. Which odd. Because I have the time to go out to dinner. And uh..and watch tv. And get a bone density test. And uh.. try to figure out what my phone number spells in words." - Ellen DeGeneres Quotationspage

"My time and training and focus and emphasis on racing will be a little more than it was last year. I'm really doubling down on the racing side of things to see if we can get an eighth Tour (title)." - Lance Armstrong ESPN

“I would like to apologize deeply, profoundly from the bottom of my heart.” - Christopher Thomas Thompson VeloNews

"The risk of not lubing frequently enough is that you wear out the drivetrain parts much more quickly. A good rule of thumb is, if it sounds like a flock of birds chasing you down the street, it’s too late." - Eric Schofield NYT

"It is unthinkable that an 18-year-old would be able to find a substance like Human chorionic gonadotrophin without the help of persons close to him. The boy is only a puppet in the hands of people that are more experienced in cycling." - Ivano Fanini CyclingNews

"I might be trying to slow down the pace to help my man, but I'm not endangering anyone's life or trying to put anyone into the barriers." - Baden Cooke

"You can't ask for a better proven combination than Johan and Lance, they've done what no others have ever done. So for me and some of the younger riders it's like: 'We're here with Johan Bruyneel, if we can't develop and be better cyclists under him, then we're never going to do it'." - Sam Bewley NZHearld

"The biggest problem was situated in Pontarlier when George Hincapie just missed out on the yellow jersey. That was stressful. George thought that we had ridden against him, which we did not. George didn't want to speak to any of us. For weeks.” - Lance Armstrong CyclingNews

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