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Quotes from 2011 - Quotes prior to 2011

“His [Andy Schleck's] problem is Fränk and vice-versa. How they rode the Tour de Suisse is an example of that. They’re incomprehensible. They cancel each other out in turn. I’d like to see him more decisive, but instead he attacks and after four pedal strokes he turned around. He gives the impression of being a radio-controlled rider.” - Mario Cipollini CyclingNews

"Starting next year I would like to use Lars Boom as an example for me. He uses cross as a part of his preparation for the road season. Lars combines what is fun with what is useful, and I plan to do the same. If I were to fail on the road, I can still go back to cross fulltime, but for now that's not part of the plan."- Zdenek Stybar PodiumCafe

“Everyone has to follow the rules: riders, teams, anti-doping authorities, and the UCI. If those rules are bent or changed for any one party, the sport becomes unfair and unjust to the other parties. Our path in this case will be to follow the rules and legal regulations set out for us.” - Jonathan Vaughters VeloNation

“I started talking with Greipel during the Tour de France this year and said, `Look, mate, I’ve had enough of being neglected by Sky. So I thought I’m going to be put to lead-out duties there anyway and I’d rather lead out a friend than lead out Mark Cavendish, especially after what Sky had put me through. So we started talks with Lotto.” - Greg Henderson VeloNews

“One brother needs to say next year, ‘ok, I will go on the attack and you go on the counter-attack’ but this year, they rode like brothers. Each looked for the other, and this is not the right tactic. It was nice for the Schlecks to be second and third, but it’s not our goal to be third and second – we want to win.” - Andreas Klöden CyclingNews

"All the work that we have been doing in recent years is starting to pay off now. The biological passport is working very much as a deterrent, the no needles policy likewise. It helps to restore the credibility of cycling and change the culture of doping. Step by step, we go forward and any new methods to continue to improve the fight against doping, we'll continue to introduce." - Pat McQuaid CyclingWeekly

“Police arrested two kids yesterday: one was drinking battery acid, the other was eating fireworks. They charged one - and let the other one off.” - Joe Papp EuroSport

“Velo News: Can you list a few things you would you like to find in your holiday stocking this year and why?
Floyd Landis: A time machine.”
 - JoE Silva VeloNews

“Greg’s [van Avermaet] got potential but he needs to be realistic. In Ličge-Bastogne-Liege he didn’t take over once when the Schlecks attacked. It showed he has limits and riders with limits can’t claim leadership within BMC.” - Philippe Gilbert Tour de José

"I have been experiencing a lot more injuries, and a lot more injuries due to wear and tear. You can't turn back the hands of time, it just naturally happens. I do this because I love training and when you can't train the way you want to because your body says no, it's very frustrating. I don't see myself having the ability to manage that frustration for much longer." - Victoria Pendleton BikeRadar

"It’s positive that you have more and more of the big teams supporting a women’s team, that’s great. But honestly, it should be compulsory. It would add 5-10 per cent to their overall budget and vastly expand their following." - Rochelle Gilmore CyclingNews

"When Stybar attacks he looks like a wolf tearing a baby buffalo apart.” - AmyDombroski Twitter

"We are catching the dopey dopers, but not the sophisticated ones.” - David Howman SBS

"I would never have considered Taiwan as a spot for tourism or cycling until this trip, but the rides there were some of the best I’ve ever done, no joke. Since they actually use bikes for transportation in Taiwan, there are bike lanes everywhere, and out in the country, bike-specific roads connect all the small towns, sometimes through really tight, barely-paved paths.” - Phil Gaimon VeloNews

"I had nothing to do with any hacking and as far as I knew, the lab documents I received while serving as an expert consultant to the legal team for Floyd Landis were obtained legally.” - Arnie Baker CyclingNews
“No one really gives a rat’s ass what the French retards think anyways.” - Floyd Landis Cyclismas

“When there is a very mountainous Tour without too much time trial, he [Andy Schleck] has got a chance. But only if [Alberto] Contador is not at his best. Perhaps [Schleck] has missed his biggest chance to win - in 2011.” - Philippe Gilbert CyclingNews

"To race and to continue to race, to win and to try to win, you must be hungry; feel the fire inside. If you don’t win though, you need the knowledge that you have given everything and did the maximum; that is equivalent to a victory, even without a medal, or a cup, or the prize-money." - Giorgia Bronzini VeloNation

“I can’t accept all that’s happened and don’t want other riders to go through what I have. If it’s not your intention to dope and you can prove the facts of the situation then you shouldn’t be punished."  - Iljo Keisse VeloNation

“Actions speak louder than words. I remember something JV tweeted to me a long time ago, ‘Hang in there…bullies have a special place in my little black heart.’"  - Tyler Hamilton Cyclismas

“He [Johan Bruyneel] had been depicted to me as being very firm and authoritarian in his management, but I have to say that up to now the atmosphere has been very cool and relaxed at this first meeting.”  - Maxime Monfort CyclingNews

“I remain optimistic, I always was. Therefore, I appeal to businesses, trademarks, sponsors, who are willing and want to be number one in profitability as we always have been, to join us and create, dream, illusion, passionate, enjoy. .. To commit to us as we're going to do with them, hopefully in the near future. We want to realize this dream, and work harder than ever to get it.”  - Joxean Fernández Matxin CyclingNews

“One [Andy Schleck] appears to walk funny, the other is the brother. They’re too skinny, and frankly, in the grand scheme of all things European, they are a minor irrelevance popular only in a country of 500,000 inhabitants [referring to Luxembourg].”  - Yannick Noah Cyclismas

“It’s [the Giro] good for me and if it was just what my heart said, I’d be there. Next year I am going to think about different objectives, above all the Tour de France. Although you can never say never, next year I will not be back.”  - Alberto Contador VeloCast

“You can try but it’s gambling and it’s tricky for both the riders and the managers. One thing is obvious, if they believe that Wiggins can go for yellow they can’t compromise and give Cavendish four guys for the sprints. If they stretch it and think both riders have chance of achieving their goals, then honestly they don’t really believe in Wiggins.”  - Rolf Aldag TwistedSpoke

"At the moment the questions surrounding the letters sent to sponsors are not being answered by McQuaid or the UCI. The issue itself will simply rot on the vine. And Pat McQuaid will be happy with that. Not for the first - and I'm sure, not for the last - "because I say so" will be the last word said on the matter because Pat McQuaid knows that that's all he has to do. No investigation, no questions to answer, no judgement to face." - Scott O'Raw VeloCast

"You know, we don't care anymore about the threats of McQuaid. If he goes on the way he has been going, maybe we will stop with everything or maybe something else will happen." - Johan Bruyneel CyclingNews

“If these letters are for real then they would be proof of the extraordinary lengths the UCI will go to in order to protect its interests, to the point of trying to endanger a company’s long term commercial prospects in China. This could endanger investment, jobs, trade and more and it has nothing to do with the administration of a sport. It’s blackmail." - InnerRing InnerRing

“I expect the reason he [Pat McQuaid] doesn’t want to sue me and I’m sure Lance Armstrong’s lawyers think the same thing, is because they don’t want to give me an opportunity to start exposing things. Then I get to subpoena people and depose them. There’s also the fact that I’m telling the truth, which is another problem for him." - Floyd Landis CyclingNews

“Levi is so in tune with his body and he gives such great information. He’s so disciplined, he’s so meticulous, that it’s almost tragic, right? Because it prevents him from doing all these other things that he knows will screw up his performance, like staying up late, being a regular person.” - Allen Lim TwistedSpoke

“I am an aiming for a top-10, top-5, maybe a podium. If it’s a great day, we’ll see. Last year, I came into the worlds as a huge, hot favorite for the U23 race. Now I am in this certain underdog, no-pressure, young-gun, let’s-see-what-he-can-do type of scenario.” - Taylor Phinney VeloNews

"I landed in Denmark to only find out that I had been replaced. Three hours later in the airport I am on my way home." -  Kristin Armstrong VeloNation

"Surprise surprise. No world champs for me. Would like to say I understand but I don't. Guess I need to prove myself?"  -  Mark Renshaw  CyclingWeekly

"Conspicuous absences from U.S. men's road worlds team: No Leipheimer, no Hincapie, no Vande Velde, no Van Garderen, no Danielson.” -  Neal Rogers  Twitter

"I am glad that Quickstep will have Tony Martin into the team. Leipheimer has had one of his best seasons with a second place finish in the Tour of California , an overall victory in the Tour de Suisse and a fresh first place in the U.S. Pro Cycling Challenge in Colorado. He seems like a very likeable rider.” -  Brian Holm  VeloNation

"I may be getting old, but I still got it."  -  George Hincapie Twitter

“Way to represent Created Butte! My ears are still ringing. The @USAProChallenge is really an incredible race.” -  Tom Danielson Twitter

“We are looking towards a golden era. We are certainly coming out of a dark period, and we’re not yet through everything. From the anti-doping point of view, we must not take our foot off the pedal.” -  Pat McQuaid Yahoo!

“[Pepe Martí was] nothing more than a known drug-trafficker. During my time as a rider at US Postal he sold me growth hormones, EPO and other illegal substances.” - Floyd Landis CyclingNews

“I said: 'Look Jim [Ochowicz], you want to bring a sprinter to the team, I don't want to ride with a sprinter, because I've done that and I've done my share. 'If I do the Tour I want to do it for the win.' - Cadel Evans VeloNation

““The team has had unmatched athletic success. The dedication shown by our athletes, management team and staff year after year has been exceptional. Together they created one of the most successful teams in cycling's history.” - Bob Stapleton VeloNation

“So, he’s [Philip Gilbert] raced 25 out of 28 days and still has the juice to ride away solo to win a World Cup.” - Steve Tilford SteveTilford

“How many folks can say that they played catch with Babe Ruth?  One on one with Jordan? You get the drift.  Well I rode with Lance Armstrong.” - Harper RAGBRAIHarper

“Russia's Alexandr Kolobnev will receive the "Knight of the Order" by President Medvedev for "for services to the Motherland". I kid you not.” - Inner Ring Twitter

“Dear Phil Lighhett and Paul Sherwen, please please stop calling Mark Cavendish "The Missile" that name is all mine :):):) I'm going to sue you guys for doing this :):):)” - Ivan Dominguez Facebook

“And here's a first... Got pulled over IN the race today by a gendarme and he made me do an alcohol test, duriing the race...” - Johan Bruyneel Twitter

“Nobody can be blamed for this. It’s a horrible accident and I was in it. But I said to Flecha, ‘We’re still alive and Wouter Weylandt died in a crash.'” - Johnny Hoogerland Bicycling

“"I've got a huge headache .Every kilometre was one too many. I was wondering, 'who am I pleasing by continuing?' Not myself, that's for sure. I was a danger for the other riders, too. I think I suffered a concussion. Noise, colors... I couldn't stand them. A honking car that passed was echoing a thousand times in my head.” - Tom Boonen  CyclingNews

“Tyler Farrar is a sprinter disguised as a gentleman.” - Bonnie D. Ford  ESPN

“A monkey with two left thumbs and a rusty typewriter could write the Tour de France’s recent dope-smeared history, because it does not take a genius to attach a long string of question marks and asterisks to all the dubious and downright discredited results registered at cycling’s premier race over the past 15 years or more. Sadly, this year, again, may be no exception.” - John Leicester  Yahoo!

“I prefer that (doping cases) are not decided this way, above all for the delays and slowness of the ordinary courts. In Heras’s case, we’re seeing important changes six years later. And next we have the Contador case and we’ll see how that ends up. I prefer faster procedures of sport justice.” - Javier Guillén VeloNews

““We can see, for example, a change in the value of certain parameters, which are completely different in 2010 to what they were in 2008 or 2009. Obviously, that leads us to suppose that some kind of manipulation has taken place." - UCI doctor Mario Zorzoli Bicycling

“Here's Solar's injuries - Brain Edema;skull,scapula, collar bne, ankle all fractured, Lung punctred, 4 ribs brkn,kidney lacerated.Recovering" - Phil Liggett Twitter

“The shadow of the ongoing investigation into Armstrong is long and covers riders who may be entirely innocent of any wrong doing. Perhaps Leipheimer is collateral damage in the battle against doping? I hate to think that every victory by RadioShack is tainted as I’ll root for Horner in the Tour." - Neil Browne BrowneEye

“No one else has ever been in the frame with the Badger. Not even in the frame. [He was] above Merckx. The Badger had the greatest athletic potential of any rider ever. By far." - Cyrille Guimard VeloNation

“So now the recent evening takes on a hugely ironic flavor. Hamilton, a doper, is eating dinner at a restaurant owned by marijuana dopers and is being accosted by a guy who is being investigated for doping. Jesus….what type of place is Aspen? From the sound of it, this mountain town blows Venice Beach out of the water!" - Neil Browne BrowneEye

“I was like, ‘Let’s step outside and talk away from the crowd, but he [Armstrong] wouldn’t. He said, ‘No one cares.’" - Tyler Hamilton Outside

“After California I wasn’t training much, so it was important to stay on the diet... my first real good day of training, five-and-a-half hours, and I’m impressed with the numbers. I’m ahead of where I needed to be. I thought it would take another 10 days to see numbers like that.” - Chris Horner VeloNews

“A man with his ability to lead, suffer, endure, obfuscate, attack and defend could be more than a past Tour Winner. And the times we live in look for such men.  If virtue was added to courage, well, he could be such a one.” - Alexi Grewal AlexiGrewal

“This experience made me realize who the real people are to trust. It made me realize that, to combat doping in cycling we do not want to confess, but to get facts.” - Riccardo Ricco CyclingNews

“What I was asked to talk about was the process of taking samples from athletes. I pointed to the example of Marion Jones. She had hundreds of tests, they all returned negative and yet she cheated for seven, eight years and then admitted it. What I think is very plain is that the scientific process - urine and blood analysis - is not perfect and it can be beaten, and has been beatenm and we know that. So what we need to do is figure out how we can get evidence in other ways.” - David Howman CyclingNews

“For the short term future, I’m sure that cycling is going to go through some turbulence. But I guarantee in the long term, people will come back and thank me for doing this.” - Tyler Hamilton VeloNation

"Last summer, I received a subpoena to testify before a grand jury. Until that moment I walked into the courtroom, I hadn't told a soul. My testimony went on for six hours. For me, it was like the Hoover Dam breaking. I opened up; I told the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. And I felt a sense of relief I'd never felt before -- all the secrets, all the weight I'd been carrying around for years suddenly lifted. I saw that, for me personally, this was the way forward." - Tyler Hamilton VeloNation

"20+ year career. 500 drug controls worldwide, in and out of competition. Never a failed test. I rest my case." - Lance Armstrong Facebook

"I think we should look at the rules and get them rewritten. Who knows how Sunday's stage would have turned out if Contador was not there. He has the right to be here and compete as the rules now stand. But it is so annoying that if, in three weeks, they rule that he must be suspended and his performance should be deleted. It is so wrong." - Thomas Lövkvist  CyclingNews

"The UCI are the heads of cycling, they can do what they want and we can't do anything. Everyone sees, cyclists cannot do anything, they can't protest, nothing." - Yaroslav Popovych  CyclingWeekly

“Today, our team mate and friend Wouter Weylandt passed away after a crash on the 3rd stage of the Giro d’Italia. The team is left in a state of shock and sadness and we send all our thoughts and deepest condolences to the family and friends of Wouter. This is a difficult day for cycling and for our team, and we should all seek support and strength in the people close to us.” - Brian Nygaard EuroSport

“I hope that Contador is innocent, because otherwise it would be a disaster. I don’t know all the details of his case, but his defense of the meat with the clenbuterol doesn’t convince me. We hope he is right in the end.” - Eddy Merckx  VeloNews

"The defamation suit filed today by the cycling leadership is nothing short of witness intimidation and a terrorist tactic designed to take away from me one of Americans’ most highly valued rights.” - Floyd Landis  BrowneEye

"Nigrelli: “How many have you done?”
Ballan: “This is the fifth one.”
He then adds a little later: “This is how I’ve done EPO...” - Alessandro Ballan and Guido Nigrelli 

"We have no intention of wasting any more time or money on Floyd Landis. He is a person who is so discredited already that it would be impossible to discredit him anymore." - Mark Fabiani road.cc

“I have submitted a letter to WADA that I will cooperate fully with any questions they have regarding my past. I hope I am given another chance, but I understand that it isn't as simple as just asking to be forgiven and then jumping back into the top level. I will earn it. Slowly and patiently. And I will show that I can be a positive force in cycling. To be in contact with Vaughters is an honor on its own, making a comeback at his team is a dream.” - Thomas Dekker  CyclingNews

“I had two positive tests for pregnancy the day before the World Cup in South Africa. I am six weeks along. With my team’s support, I chose not to start the World Cup.” - Willow Koerber SingleTrack

“It’s not a big surprise that they’re using the race radio issue against the UCI. We are aware that meetings are taking place. One or two of those big team owners are actively discussing a breakaway league with venture capital to put the money up. This is a bit of a red-herring. There’s a lot of talk about democracy, but that’s bullshit. The teams talk about the long-term vision of the sport, but their vision only goes as far as their nose. The teams are only interested in their own self-interest.” - Pat McQuaid VeloNews

“I don’t know, I was just following the big master Fabian. Normally you can trust him blind and follow him with your eyes closed. I can trust him and be confident with and everything. He actually felt sorry afterward. He just crashed in front of me. I don’t know how it happened but I just tumbled over him.” - Fränk Schleck  CyclingNews

Carlos Barredo is as mad as a hatter, a real gem. Together with Oscar Freire, they form a real comic duo.” - Robert Gesink VeloNation

“Lance Armstrong should be able to take on all responsibility, as Laurent Fignon had the courage to do so, acknowledging that he had taken performance-enhancing drugs and that they were probably the cause of the disease which he suffered.” - Chantal Jouanno VeloNation

“How do you stop Cancellara? You have to outnumber him. Have people who can go with every move. Be active in every phase of the race. Work as a team against an individual and hope to improve your chances.” - Jonathan Vaughters. CycleSport

“Since San Remo, and then at Flanders, people have seen the amazing side of cycling. What people want is all the favorites at the front early. But for us racing, it was pretty tough, the hardest season so far.” - Fabian Cancellara. VeloNews

“Steve Tilford is an animal. I think he was beating my dad in races 30 years ago, and now he beats me. Must be a family thing." - Lawson Craddock Twitter

“Riding badly or having a bad race doesn’t make one a bad bike racer. But, it does challenge one’s self esteem, at least for a short while." Steve Tilford SteveTilford

“It's always my biggest pet-peeve when I lose GC hopes and my friends tell me 'you should just go in a breakaway'. They have no idea how hard it is to get into one of those damn things. Then once you're there you need to ride in the wind all day. Getting into breakaways sucks!” - Tejay van Garderen PodiumCafe

“Other values have appeared that are ten times over the higher value from so-called plasticizers [such as di-(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP) – ed.], which are used in blood bags. These values were measured one day before the positive dope control. These blood bag softener values could indicate that autologous blood doping may have been performed.” - Hajo Seppelt VeloNation

"Really disappointed to fall ill on the last day of Volta Catalunya. Believe me I'd race if I could, but I'm down for the count. Thank you to my Team RadioShack teammates for all their hard work, I'm sorry to let you down!" - Levi Leipheimer VeloNation

“ I have said to Pat McQuaid  many times that I don’t know any relation between a boss and an employee where the boss cannot give orders. If you pay someone, then you must be able to give them direction.” - Johan Bruyneel VeloNews

“There is a risk of a breakaway from the UCI, of course there is. But it's early to talk about it and RCS Sport is obliged to stay on the side of the sport that has been created by the national and international federations.” - Angelo Zomegnan CyclingNews

“So, there is going to be a mutiny by the Professional Teams from the UCI? Led by JB [Johan Bruyneel], it seems. This is the only explanation of why the USAC would defy the radio ban. Steve Johnson and Co. must be aware of all the happenings and have decided to take sides early. It only makes sense.” - SteveTilford SteveTilford

“The descent was dangerous and on a curve to the left, the wheel hit a bump and I went flying into a dump. We weren’t using ear-pieces, so nobody could advise me it was there. I saw that the race was passing by and I was screaming, but nobody heard me. As best I could, I crawled up to the edge of the road so they could see me. It was a bad moment because I could quickly see that it was something serious.” - Rubén Plaza VeloNews

“The positive test destroyed me but made me a better person.” - Toni Colom CyclingNews

"Another very tricky stage to end PN, they threw every curve in Nice at us today. I'd say it was a good week for Team RadioShack." - Levi Leipheimer FaceBook

"There’s a lot of talk of the next big ‘whoever,’ all I can say to that is that I am a completely different than any other rider. Everyone is different. I am going to do my best to be the best Taylor Phinney who’s ever ridden a bike." - Taylor Phinney VeloNews

"Too much of a good thing is wonderful." - Mae West QuotationsPage

"If I had a fatal crash, who of you, who think the radio ban is a great idea, will go to Berlin and explain to my  six children that it was the right decision and daddy was just an unlucky victim in the so important battle for more drama in cycling?” - Jens Voigt CycleSport

"...my battle is also for those who have fewer possibilities than me.” - Alberto Contador Yahoo!

"It's not the first time that a national federation excuses their own athlete. We've had cases of that kind even as far back as the 1980s, and so far there has been no hearing panel that has accepted those arguments in the end. We've had national panels that have excused those athletes, but when it came to the final decision, they have all been ruled guilty. It's not just clenbuterol. People claim they have been doped from what they had eaten." - Prof. Arne Ljungqvist NPR

"The mark-up can be anywhere from 10 to 100 times. You spend a dollar and you make $100. That’s a pretty good investment. They buy the raw materials and then they put them together in a kitchen laboratory." David Howman  CyclingNews

“I've been in front of a court in France for the Festina case, and I've asked them to put my fingers in the air (and swear under oath) that under my presidency I have never hidden away one case. I was a witness and didn't need to do it, but I said I to the judge that I wanted to do that. But that didn't impress anybody. Yet it's enough that a guy like Landis say something and 'pop' (everything happens)." - Hein Verbruggen CyclingNews
"Just read the Verbruggen interview - he comes off sounding really douche." - Neil Browne Twitter

“I’m broke, so go ahead and sue, good luck.” - Floyd Landis DaveMoulton

“I'm not saying that the Spaniard has done anything wrong. I just don't know. I do know that others in the same situation have been suspended. Why not him?” - Tom Boonen CyclingNews

"There are riders out there that I have my suspicions of but most of what you see today is done on bread and water and that's the truth. I'm not trying to build myself up by saying I'm clean and racing against all these dopers, I'm saying there are just one or two out there that are getting away with it. It's shitty that they are but that's the truth." - Tejay Van Garderen CyclingNews

“I was relatively sure [of winning the Tour]. I mean, I know Pereiro and I know he wasn’t going to have any new tricks that he hadn’t already tried. I had talked to him about it and he told me that he had another blood transfusion to do, but I still wasn’t concerned because I was a better time triallist than him, regardless." - Floyd Landis CyclingNews

"Why should I accept a one-year ban if I did absolutely nothing? It sincerely does not seem like the right step." - Alberto Contador SBS

"My first impressions of Lance were that he was a bit of an a**hole. He wasn't like the guy in his book. He was obnoxious and loved strip clubs. We only became friends as far as we could be friends - he was so controlling." - Floyd Landis EuroSport

" The one thing I would add about Armstrong is that I’m not sure he’s as proud of the person he is today as I am of myself. Whatever you do in life, you have to accept the consequences of your actions, like I accepted the consequences of my decision to get out of cycling, without looking back. So I hope that he has the mental resources and the money to deal with the consequences of what he’s done all these years, I really do."  - Christophe Bassons CyclingNews

"If I had any reason to believe that the people running the sport really wanted to fix it, I may have said, 'If I wait long enough, I'll have my chance to win without doping.' But there was no scenario in my mind where I was ever going to get the chance to race the Tour de France and win clean. There was no good scenario. It was either cheat or get cheated. And I'd rather not be the guy getting cheated."  - Floyd Landis VeloNews

“I think it's best at this time to go back to my family. I hope and I'm sure that I will be back with you here soon.”  - Alberto Contador CyclingNews

“Alberto has ten days to file an appeal. At the end of that time period, the Competition Committee will meet, look at his arguments and render its final decision. The Federation has not been the one that leaked the information, It can only have come from the environment of the athlete, but that is speculation.”  - Carlos Castano CyclingNews

"Pro cycling is killing itself slowly, with drugs, indecision and incompetence." - Robot RedKitePrayer

“You just never know but you just look at the way his [Floyd Landis] life has gone over the last five years and you think there’s one person who it would have been so easy to have just admitted it when it happened in 2006, come clean if he did do it and he would have been back racing in a professional team making pretty good money. It’s quite sad how his life has gone away, just dwindled away and now there’s all these claims and counter claims and it’s quite a sad story for him.” - Bradley Wiggins CyclingNews

"I leave knowing that I did my best and I don't need somebody to give me a plaque or give me a statue, it has been very good to me on a lot of levels, it has been a good ride." - Lance Armstrong eurosport

“Until you've lost your reputation, you never realize what a burden it was." - Margaret Mitchell QuotationsPage

“I rode with Cavendish. He will again be ‘the’ rival, even if he needs to stay calmer and not dwell on rivalries. He treats every race like a war and he’s wrong.” - Alessandro Petacchi CyclingNews

“This year would have been a vintage case without Contador. The season was decapitated by that event. You can tell me that there is practically an affair every year, but here, it affected the top of the world rankings, the triple winner of the Tour…it wasn’t nothing.” - Eddy Merckx  VeloNation

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