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Saddle Questions Answered

Stella Yu, President of Velo Enterprise Co., Ltd.

What are some of the different saddle shapes and designs available these days?

Each saddle is created for a specific type of cycling and cyclist, with unique shapes and designs to fit every saddle need. Saddles for the recreational cyclist tend be broader, providing greater cushioned comfort in a traditional sense.

Stella YuPerformance and competition saddles emphasize high-tech comfort; meaning materials and saddle construction are optimized for weight, aerodynamics and comfortable support over the long haul. Our Senso Aftermarket line offers four different saddle categories: Competition, Performance, Recreational and Pivotal.

Our Competition and Performance saddles are sleek, lightweight constructions with patented cushioning, ventilation and suspension systems to enhance comfort with minimum weight and utmost performance.

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Shop Review
iebikes logo
i.e. Bikes

Doug Report talks to i.e. Bikes owner, Matt Barringer, about his shop and what he is doing to create an atmosphere that is pleasing to his customers and at the same time provide a level of service that exceeds their expectations.

DR: Tell us about yourself and i.e. Bikes – background, history and the like.

Matt iebikes1 Matt: The bike shop has been around for almost 15 years and we started the store literally out of me losing my last job. The store that I was working at before was making cutbacks and doing different things, going in different directions. My dad and I had already been talking about opening a bike shop and this just provided an opportunity for me to do so, so that’s really where it came out of.

It had always been one of my dreams to own a bicycle store.  I’ve been working in a bike shop since I was 11 years old, started working in a bike shop in Vista, CA because the guy was sponsoring me for BMX racing, and he says hey if I’m going to be giving you stuff, you’re going to learn something too.  So I worked there from the time I was 11 years old until I was 16 and then he gave me a job, a paying job, and then it was about a year later I got a job at a local store in Escondido, CA because we lived in Escondido.

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Brand Review
Club Ride logo
Club Ride Apparel

Doug Report talks to Club Ride Apparel partner, Scott Montgomery, about the apparel business and what he is doing to create a product that will fit into his vision of the "new" marketplace.
DR: Tell us about yourself and Club Ride Apparel – background, history, product, and the like.

Scott: I recently joined Mike Herlinger, the founder of Club Ride and together we are  working to build Club Ride into a formidable player in the highly fragmented and highly competitive cycling apparel market.ClubRide

As I look back, the 90’s was all about the mountain bike and this new innovative segment that brought many new people into cycling.  Then 2000-2010 was all about Lance and America discovers European road racing which of course brought another wave of new cyclists and grew the market again.

Fast forward to today and I feel there is a ground swell of people some of whom mountain bike, road bike, and many who have just decided they relate with the culture of cycling and just like to ride more than any other way of travel.  I see this segment of cyclists’ that desire to telegraph to the world values like clean air, healthy living, going slower, and smelling the coffee rather than racing around in their car stuck in traffic. 

DR: How about your background?

You could say I was lucky as my father started Cannondale when I was 11 and when I needed money I could come to the office/factory and earn $1 an hour doing odd jobs until he left the office for dinner, which usually was around 9pm at night.  Thus started my career in the cycling industry.  Along the way I fell in love with the sport as a participant, racer, mountain biker, tri-geek and my specialty became building companies along the way.  I started Cannondale from scratch in Europe and Japan in my early 30’s and Scott bikes in my 40’s.

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